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Hawk at 1:08PM, Oct. 22, 2011
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I just wanted to mention that even though I've been jaded on superheroes for a few years, I am REALLY enjoying Batman: Arkham City.

For those who have played Arkham Asylum, it's more of the same, except with an even larger scope, more villains, more sidequests, and a bigger world.  The world found out that piling more villains into a Batman movie quickly ruins it, but I feel like the same cannot be said for the game, because this one's filled with viallains, both classic and obscure, and it feels like a richer experience because of it.

Best of all, the gameplay is quite slick and fine-tuned.  As with the last game, I really feel like I Batman.  There are numerous ways to handle most predicaments, and it allows you to be the kind of Batman you want to be.  Some would choose to jump into the fray, brawling with the exquisite motion of a choreographed fight, but I prefer creeping through the shadows, silently picking off thugs one by one.

I'm really impressed by the AI, too.  When taking on groups of thugs, they seem to act so naturally.  They start just by having simple conversations with each other… then when they realize their numbers are dropping they begin to panic and be more careful.  When you're down to the last few, they're worked into a frenzy, firing off paranoid gunfire into the shadows and quaking in their boots.  I've even seen enemies take hostages and surrender.

So, you know…  that's my recommendation.  Give the game a shot.  Or give Arkham Asylum a shot, too.  Both fantastic games, and with a level of polish rarely seen in a licensed game.
skoolmunkee at 2:16AM, Oct. 23, 2011
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I'm really looking forward to Arkham City, but I'll probably not end up getting it til closer to Christmas. I'll be too busy til mid-november for much videogames, and then Saints Row 3 comes out. I've preordered that one so I'll probably end up playing it first. That's ok though, because SR3 is a game I can chip away at and play in little pieces and I think AC will be one I want to work at in bigger chunks, perfect for a christmas break. :] 
I'm glad it's getting so many good reviews and stuff though. There was a big fear that it wouldn't live up to the first one, so hearing that the second is even better is great. I can't wait to hunt down every little thing and see what all the batman bad guys are up to. Batman is the only superhero type character I like but I sure like him a lot.
And for the only time in videogames, after I beat AA I really wanted the enemies to respawn. So I hope they do so in AC, because I could have done those stealth rooms and batman brawls over and over again.
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Hawk at 10:42AM, Oct. 23, 2011
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I felt the same way after Arkham Asylum…  I wanted the enemies back just for some fun but the place was deserted.  I don't know if Arkham City will be any different, but I do know it has a New Game Plus feature that allows you to start a new game with all the tools and abilities you had at the end of the game.
Genejoke at 6:07AM, Oct. 24, 2011
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It's on the list but first, Skyrim.  Not buyinh anything else before that and after…  well the mrs will probably get me some for xmas.
Byth1 at 1:56PM, Oct. 25, 2011
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I thinking of getting Arkham City, but I'll probably get it later mostly because of Skyrim, Saints Row 3 and Uncharted 3.
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skreem at 4:38AM, Oct. 26, 2011
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My copy is in the mail. Curse you Amazon, it's been in the mail forever.
I also want to play Skyrim, AC Revelations and Dark Souls, but it's gotta be the BMan first, I hope it's as good as the isometric one I have on my speccy. 

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