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How good does your work need to be?
Bryan_R at 5:48AM, Oct. 27, 2011
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My work is always getting criticised and bashed and what not ( mostly constructive criticism ;) )
I've gotten so much criticism, I've become desensitized by it @_@
have seen work out there that's pretty decent, and I've seen work out there that … isn't as strong (is that the politically correct terminology to use?)
but it makes me wonder how good does your art work need to be when producing something like a web comic?
El Cid at 10:06AM, Oct. 27, 2011
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There are absolutely no standards for being a webcomic artist.
There are also absolutely no standards for being a webcomic critic.
I'd say if you're happy with your artwork, and your fans are happy (and I mean REALLY happy, not just stroking your ego), then you're at a nice comfortable spot. But you should never stop honing your skills; that is a lifelong process.

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