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Masked Maiden at 4:18AM, Oct. 31, 2011
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I've been tryin to color my comic lines. I'd really like to know what programs did you use, because I'm looking for a colorist. Someone who can also teach me how to do the coloring. I've practiced, but so far I can't match the body with the head. And coloring isn't that great. What programs do you use, and what tool mostly and what is the settings for the tool?
ShadowsMyst at 10:30AM, Nov. 1, 2011
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I generally use photoshop to color, and I have a couple of tutorials on my youtube page.
I've also used Paint tool sai, which is easier for flatting generally speaking because of its very nifty selection tools. There are lots of videos on youtube. just search for Paint tool sai and coloring
There are a ton of coloring tutorials on deviantart, youtube, and you can even catch people coloring live on Ustream or livestream, and you can ask them questions directly.
There also a lot of books, but you need to sit down and do the tutorials in them. It takes a LOT of work to learn how to color properly. One I can particularly recommend is Hi-Fi for Comic Coloring.
Coloring is a lot more complicated than just “set tool, click here”. There's a lot of skill involved when selecting colors, and making them work together. I use a lot of different tools when coloring, and my color selections are generally pretty deliberate. If you don't know how to use
a program, like say Photoshop, I'd suggest learning to use the tool somewhat first by doing some tutorials on the program itself so you understand which tools are which. Its very hard to instruct someone whenthey are ignorant of the tool they are using. You should also pick a
tool you personally have and like, so that when you go looking for a mentor, you know what you are looking for, since there are a lot of program options. I know Photoshop very well, Sai a little, and I don't know GIMP at all for example.

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