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Dead Horse?
Darkmax at 2:42AM, Nov. 4, 2011
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I know the administrators are tired of this subject. But the comments and page view count is…was 90% of the fun of posting our comics here. I understand the cost of moving over old stats and the I.T. nightmare it would be. But why can’t the stats (page view count) just reboot?
Announce that page count will begin registering on xx/xx/xx date and let everybody start at zero. The top comics will shoot back to the top due to established fan base (years of loyal fans) And let the rest enjoy the fun of watching people hit their comics. (Just maybe the top ten are not the top ten anymore)
Even as low as my hits were it was nice just to see 3 hits one day 15 hits another…I was logging on every 10 minutes just looking at hits…and a comment was bonus. So people write to the Admins push for a zero out page count a reboot..really how hard can that be for I.T. to do just that?
Or are we beating a dead horse???
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ozoneocean at 9:19PM, Nov. 13, 2011
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I for one would NOT like to lose the old record of my stats history!
But starting the top ten list from zero is ok… I'm pretty sure that'd happen anyway though since the top ten list is never supposed to be based on overall views, but only an average of those over the last 3 days or so…
…so logically on the first 2.9 days it started couln't it WOULD be on 0 for everyone.
Comics currently in the list would get a built inadvatnage though because being where they are makes them more visble.
skoolmunkee at 2:58PM, Nov. 14, 2011
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I think we'd all love to see SOME kind of stats back.
I do want to comment on this part of what you said though: “So people write to the Admins push for a zero out page count a reboot..really how hard can that be for I.T. to do just that?”
Unfortunately writing to the admins (me and oz) isn't going to do any good. We can't do any coding to the site. Currently that's all in Lawrence's hands. He's posted his contact email in the past and I'm not sure that anyone really ever contacted him directly- but I suspect that even if people did, he's too swamped right now to do that as he's the only coder left I think. Back in August they were intending to hire someone to do the stats stuff so I'm not even sure Lawrence would be able to code that in if he had time. Sorry, that all sounds like I'm trying to discourage you- but that's kind of how things are right now. I'm not holding out any hope it will change soon. :/
Darkmax at 6:58PM, Nov. 27, 2011
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We'll that's that I guess…thanks anyways for responding OZe & Skool
Gawd I miss seeing how many people read my comic each day *Sigh*
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