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Attack The Block
HabilisOrian at 7:14PM, Nov. 7, 2011
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Do you like movies starring a gangs of chavs? No? How about movies starring a gang of chavs fighting feral alien beats in the ghetto of South London? Yeah?
Well Attack The Block is the flick for you!

Just watched this earlier with the presumption of it being crappy/lackluster but boy was I proven wrong. I was at the edge of my seat the entire film.

Basically what happens is a bunch of these feral gorilla-like aliens  (think Wild Mutt from Ben 10) invade this neighborhood calld The Block. A localized invasion, if you will. Not your typical alien movie.
The aliens are only concerned with this gang of chavs that ends up (possible spoilers) ganking the first of the species to land on the planet.
It's full of action, suspense, thrills, chills, and good humour (if you can stand the chavs). Check it out when you get the chance!


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ozoneocean at 12:57AM, Nov. 14, 2011
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Shouldn't that be “Sourf Londun”? ^_^
Eh, they don't look like the sort of chams you like to see destryed by aliens. These are more loveable… Sort of a UK Goonoies almost.
Art_of_Clegg at 9:25PM, Feb. 7, 2012
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My wife and I got to see this at an advance screening via AintItCoolNews in Austin, and while I pretty much had a feeling I'd like it, I knew they did something right when my dyed-in-the-wool chick flick loving wife loved it. The character arcs, the trust-building, the humor, and the low-budget overcoming FX just all added up to a really cool sci-fi outing. I'd have paid to see it if the chance came.
Quoth143 at 1:42PM, Jan. 2, 2015
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I like that movie. Also is it wrong for me to say I thought the aliens were actually kind of cute?

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