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CZK getting major facelift. Comic under construction. And new titles on the way.
sandy at 8:36AM, Nov. 12, 2011
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Yes, it's been a millenium since you heard from me last, I've been busy with real life and also awaiting my writer to refurbish Cuatro and the Zylonian Knights.  Yes, folks, that's right, I'm going to do a major revamp including layout, story, character design, and yes, this comic is going full color upon its return.  Meanwhile, short stories are in the script works now, so you will be seeing those sometime soon, not sure when, but soon.  My writer, Frank Nadeau, is working hard on revamping my story and introducing some very interesting characters to the mix.  It's now up tome to do the artwork.  Plus, I now have an agent working with me, so together hopefully gears will get rolling once again.   After the revamps are done, my agent, Carl Dabney, of Workhorse Comics, and I have decided to publish the short stories here on Drunk Duck while keeping the major backstory on Graphic Novel for purchase.  This way the new story isn't given away completely.    Also being released by Workhorse/Magicquartz Comics, is Crash Course, and the Defenders of Novatron City.  Those too will eventually make their way here to the duck. 
Now, for a little backstory on Crash Course.
Of course this takes place on the same planet as CZK but with a different twist.  I decided to go completely spoof with this story, which follows the life of a complete “Featherhead”  who has the gift of a champion hover craft racer, but when it comes to the challenges of reality, Rayce Dawson isn't the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree.   Along the way, he befriends two canine companions, and actually manages to find a girlfriend who is patient and willing to put up with his quirks.  He's clumsey, a bit of a space shot, not too bright, but brilliant out on the track.  Just don't ask him to babysit anytime soon.
On the flip side, I am introducing another sci fi series, which is also in the works.  The Defenders of Novatron City is similar to CZK but different.  Instead of one hero, there are five. Each with the power of cyber transformation.  And like CZK the cast are anthro mythological beings, who along the way find out who they really are and how they came to be who they are.  At the same time they fight to defend what little home they knew, but things don't happen easilly for them and on their path, they take an emotional journey as they come to find out the truth behind their origins.
Okay, that's it for now, from Sandy, founder of Magicquartz Comics and my agent, from Workhorse Comics.  Releases are due for 2012, hopefully before the end of the world.  Just kidding.  Anyway, that's all from me right now.  Stay tuned for further details.

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