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The search for our Artist!
extras21 at 8:36PM, Dec. 8, 2011
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Extras #1: Wheels of EvolutionThis comic book is Smallville and Breakfast Club meets Runaways.We finished scripts 1-4. We plan to submit it to Image and Dark Horse. If anyone knows any other small companies, please share.But….before we do that, we need an ARTIST.At first we were looking for an artist on Long Island and NYC but that didn't turn anything up. So our search is now going nationally. I really think our story has a huge chance of getting published but we NEED YOUR HELP. . When we get signed, you will be getting signed with us. My friend and I are looking for an artist for the LONG HAUL.Just this week, we started writing a blog about nerd culture. You can follow us here at . Anyone interested????It's fun read and a really great story. I really hope someone out there is willingly to take chance on us.Comment here or Email us at
ShadowsMyst at 6:15PM, Dec. 14, 2011
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Not to totally plug myself here, but it saves me some time trying to explain stuff. You might really benefit from reading this post I did on my blog about hiring/looking for an artist.
If you are seriously looking at publication, and you seriously want a decent artist to consider you, you need to make a bit of a better case for your project. Particularly if you want them to sign any kind of contract. I didn't see anything in your post about page rate expectations, or even a genre and style you are looking for. I can understand you might want to keep some of it secret, but if you are hiring someone, you need to give up certain details about the job, expectations, and what you are looking for in terms of style, total commitment (number of pages/time), and of course, compensation. We can't live on promises. Bring something solid to the table. Even a plan is at least better than nothing. You don't even mention what you are willing to pay as a page rate, and what you expect in terms of art. Pencils? Inks? Concepts? Full panels? Be specific.
Read the post and try posting more specific information and you might have better luck finding someone to fill your project's needs.

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