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They're making another Asterix movie!
meemjar at 2:25PM, Dec. 16, 2011
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I love the live-action movies starring Gerard Depardieu and this new one is entitled;
'Asterix in her Majesties service' which is based on ‘Asterix in Briton’.
But the only drawback in my opinion is that all the cast is going to be French, and I think it would have been great to have British comediens in the roles of the Britons.
Can you imagine John Cleese as a British Chieftain?
It would have been a great contrast of Pompous British eccenticity vs. snide French wit!
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Hawk at 9:20AM, Dec. 18, 2011
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They've made non-animated Asterix movies?!
meemjar at 12:06PM, Dec. 18, 2011
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Yes, check out these sites.
ebay: look up Asterix DVD's
Google: live action Asterix movies.
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ozoneocean at 8:44PM, Dec. 20, 2011
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I saw the first one years ago. It was pretty damn impressive mostly. The actors looked fantastic! The only problem was the humour…
It's very old fashioned style stuff… it's as if time stopped after Buster Keaton, Laurel and Hardy, and Charlie Chaplin.
There wasn't much too it, it consists of super obvious, huge gestures, pratfalls atc. French humour can be very subtle, dark and clever so I don't think that's a problem with French humour in general, it must be just the humour they use to appeal to their children and broader, stupider, mass-audience, like the equivalent stuff in Hollywood.
Although surprisingly, mass-appeal humour for Hollywood is slightly higher brow than French mass-appeal humour.

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