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Mass Effect speculations: What if the Reapers win?
Lonnehart at 7:19PM, Dec. 21, 2011
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Yes.  All Mass Effect fans know abou tthat mythical race of sentient starships that plan on purging all life from the galaxy.  What do you suppose would happen if they won?
I'm pretty sure all of Humanity would live on… as a Reaper.  And every other race in the galaxy would be altered the way the Protheans were…
ozoneocean at 10:45PM, Dec. 22, 2011
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If they “win” in the game, that just means Shepard looses.
The rest of the races that can would fight on (and lose) and those that can't be used in some way (by the reapers) would be systematically exterminated via orbital bombardment.
Product Placement at 3:54PM, Feb. 4, 2012
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I remember reading something about the developers hinting that if you're doing poorly in the game or skip certain key missions before committing yourself to the grand finale, you're going to lose, no matter how hard you try. This is of course a natural follow up to the way they treated ME2, what with the suicide mission. Attack the collectors with only the bare minimum teammates, all unloyal, with no upgrades and you have a fight for your life. Do the final mission with everything in tip top shape and it effectively becomes impossible to lose, even if you try.
If you lose, we might get a closing monologue with Anderson, or possibly a surviving teammate talking about how the Reapers collected up all the humans to do what we all know they want to do with them (see ME2 ending, if you don't). However that's going to take a while. Like Vigil, the ancient AI interface from ME1 said, the genocide of an entire species is a long slow process. The Reapers spent decades, if not centuries systematically sweeping the entire galaxy, making sure nothing remained of their prey. After crippling all the heavy hitters of the galaxy, the reapers will take their time going from one world to the next, never stretching themselves too thin to ensure that none is caught off guard and overwhelmed by a resisting race that's hoping to score a lucky kill.
Those were my two cents.
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