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(New Comic) More Than Far From Home
VKMarshmallow at 6:49PM, Dec. 23, 2011
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What if you went to bed in your room
one night, but you didn't wake up there in the morning?
Brother and sister, Lexiss and Halyn Pierce find themselves in a place
they cannot explain. People die but all of their spirits remain. And you
know what? It's completely normal to them. Can they get back home? Why
were they brought to this place? What IS this place?
And if they die here, will they be trapped there for eternity?
Updates on Sundays, late updates on Mondays

=] Click the banner above to read. (If the link is broken:

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Mr_Henry at 10:08AM, Dec. 24, 2011
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I like how these pages look so far, I'll check out the comic! :)

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