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Returning :O
GashuMonsata at 10:01AM, Dec. 29, 2011
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joined: 10-30-2010
Hey all!
Wow, this new version of DD looks spiffy! I haven't been here in a long time, but decided to return when I started up a new comic series. I cleared out my old comic because… well to be honest, it was pretty pants :P
My current project is a comic named Taint of Albasia, which is about a boy who finds out that he's not actually who he thought he was, and yadda yadda (not wanting to spoil too much :P). Im' finding time to work on it between Uni and such. Here's the link:
Man, I still gotta work on a cover for it :O
Anyways, looking forward to looking around this new spruced up DD and finding lots of awesome comics! :D

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