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[PLUG] Boogey Dancing: Monkey Pot
Chris chris at 10:29PM, Dec. 30, 2011
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Wow. I haven't plugged on the forums since the project first started. Been a looong time I tell ya.
Anyways! Hi Everyone. I'm Christina “Chris-chris” the author of Boogey Dancing and BD: Monkey Pot. I've been around The Duck for almost six years now. I don't normally regulate the forums but I'm going to try and get back into the flow of it. :) Maybe we'll see my face around but I don't like socializing much.
Enough blabber. I'm here to show and tell my coming BD:Monkey Pot. I'm 350 pages in with only thirteen chapters. I feel like that's an astonishing accomplishment. Feel free to go read the comic and find out what's been happening. There's two parts. There's Boogey Dancing and then Boogey Dancing: Monkey Pot. (or Monkey Pot for short.)
Read BD here:
Read BDMP here:
Be warned, the art in BD is a good 6 years old. So it isn't as good as my current style. I've grown as an artist so you'll see the changes and improvements as you read.
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