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My comic escapades! A hello from a new dude!
Epico at 4:46PM, Jan. 2, 2012
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     Hey everyone! I haven't been to DrunkDuck in a long while so I've been checking out a few webcomics. I figured I'd drop on by to say I've recently posted my own webcomic! The Comic of Awesomeness! If you're into Dungeons and Dragons, RPG's, cartoons, and all that stuff; come give it a quick look!
     Aside from my advertisement lol, I would also like to ask if there are any webcomics that people could reccommend. Even if it's yours, I don't mind. I kind of want to pick up tips and tricks on comic creating by reading some here.
     Thats about it!  :D
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ayesinback at 1:24PM, Jan. 4, 2012
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Hello returning Epico, and welcome again.
So - recs for comic reading?  Mr thought is that you should go to the 
the 2011 Drunk Duck award finalist thread.
There, you'll find a huge number of well-done and interesting webcomics - to start of with ;)
have fun!
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