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Gemutations: M&A in print/ebook...Plague's ebook in the works!
Darwin at 11:32AM, Jan. 5, 2012
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I'm not QUITE sure this is the proper place for this, but being that I am my own self-promotor for my books, here goes: (If this needs to be elsewhere please let me know)
Back in April of 2005, I self-published what is the first book in the Gemutations universe: Mercenaries and Angels (Coming before Plague).  I recently was informed that the book was converted to E-book format for Nook, Kindle and Epub!  (thus the reason I mention it at all!)
For anyone interested in owning either a print or ebook copy fo M&A here are some links you can find them at:
Print version:
Authorhouse: (I get a slightly higher return from sales direct)
Additionally, I recently was turned onto how to self-publish ebooks for very little outlay.  After wracking my brain and asking for reader opinons, I've settled on Plague (Currently a webcomic here) to be my next best bet for e-publishing!  I am in the process of that as we speak, about halfway done with edits and hope to have it on the market before the 7th anniversary of the first book's publishing!  I will update this thread as I get more information or as I make more progress!
I hope you will join me when it goes live!  It has much more information than I could ever convey in the graphic novel format!
Darwin at 7:28AM, April 11, 2012
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joined: 4-25-2006
An update on the Ebook for Gemutations: Plague!
The book went live on April 1st and is now available for Download in the Kindle format!  If you're an Amazon Premium member, you can borrow the book for FREE for the first ninety days!

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