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Writer looking for artist/artists for projects
ttheodoropoulos at 1:14PM, Jan. 15, 2012
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Hi, my name is Thanos and I am looking for artists to collaborate on a couple of my projects.1)The first one is a parody type comedic story. A comic strip with everyday people. I would like to at first create the opening chapter/introduction (about 10 pages or so) and then continue with probably a page every week, or more if you feel like it. Since this is a parody, I would prefer someone with a comedic style, but not too abstract, since the characters are everyday people.2) The second is a teenage adventure (like Runaways) with supernatural elements. I have plotted the opening chapter (probably 20 - 30 pages), but it is still in a developmental stage. We can work something out around your schedule, like 10 pages a month, or so. The style I'm looking for is anime, with romantic and sensual elements, but not pornographic. Also, the overall story is supernatural, so you should be able to draw those too.I don't have script samples for you to see, since I'm just now getting into comic-books, but I'm using FinalDraft for my scripts and a general graphic novel script format.Since both those are new ideas, I am still developing them, so I am open to someone being both co-plotter/artist.Please PM me if you are interested and we can discuss more specific about each project.Send me a sample of your art and also specify which project you are interested in.Thanks a lot,Thanos…

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