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Interested in Some Web Design?
arkhein at 4:55PM, Jan. 19, 2012
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Interested in Some Web Design? Hello all. My
name is amy and I am a web designer. I specialize in making and coding website
designs. I also make code wordpress designs and help people install wordpress and
teach them how to use the program. I can also make and code phpbb designs. I am
work with tumblr templates, blogger templates, basically whatever someone asks
for a price. This includes flash. Would you like an animation on your site?
Would you like repeat traffic, people coming back to play games on your site? I
can do it all. And my prices are nowhere near expensive. Check it out.
For setting up and teaching about wordpress: $40
For a ‘mini’ website (1 page): $75
For a full website (1+ pages) $100
For a wordpress theme: $150
tumblr theme: $100 
All custom phpbb theme: $150
Email me at if
interested! And I’m working on my portfolio but you can see an
example of my work here –
Thanks, everyone.

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