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Comic fonts
Chris chris at 10:26PM, Jan. 19, 2012
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I think I am posting this in the right place. Sorry if it isn't.
I am looking for a font to use for my pages. The font I want is a black lettering with white outline. I have looked everywhere and everything I've downladed that's outlined shows my colors on the page below the text.
Speaking of fonts. What do you'll use? is it perfered to have Comic Sans or arial? Ive heard different opinions that comic sans is ridiculous and reads stupid, however some people feel it's smoother and goes better.
Genejoke at 2:36AM, Jan. 20, 2012
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There are various places to get fonts, one of the free sites is just check usage rights on them just in case.
I wouldn't ever use ariel or comic sans…  ever.
El Cid at 7:23AM, Jan. 20, 2012
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Depending on what software you use, it may be easier just to add the white outline yourself. In Photoshop, for instance (the program I'm most familiar with), you just add a white Stroke effect to the text layer and that solves the problem. I'm sure GIMP (which is free!) has the exact same capability.
Lots of really good fonts out there, and Arial and Comic Sans are not among them! Using either of those is generally frowned upon as being in bad taste. I use Zud Juice personally, but there are lots of other ones out there, like Action Man or Mighty Zeo, that look great!
Chernobog at 7:13PM, Jan. 20, 2012
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Pretty much what Genejoke said. I swear by Dafont! They have a vast selection to choose from and a lot of them are completely free with more additions arriving all the time.
Also, yeah… avoid Comic Sans like the plague if you have any self respect. ;)
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ShadowsMyst at 11:10AM, Jan. 24, 2012
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joined: 1-9-2006 has tons of free comic font specifically, Dafont is great too. I also cruise as it has some alternative comic fonts to Blambot if you dislike them.
Although most fonts aren't going to have a white outline, you'll likely have to add that yourself using a layer style in photoshop or GIMP or whatever you happen to be using, so find a font you like, then add the white outline yourself.

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Wing Eye at 7:18PM, Jan. 28, 2012
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What's with the hate for Comic Sans?  I'm kind of embarrased now and afraid to post here because that's what I use (though I use a different font that I can't remember off the top of my head for robots)
Will my comic be looked down on and (heaven forbid) not read because I use Comic Sans? :(
ShadowsMyst at 5:00PM, Jan. 30, 2012
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Well Wing Eye, since you asked, there are a lot of reasons that comic sans is hated by designers, if you care to read them. Just google “Comic Sans Hate”, and it'll pop up a ton of information. Although comics are one of the few things that people with any sort of typography sense kinda tolerate it for, but here's a bit of a history lesson.
Comic Sans was never intended or designed to be a general use font. Surprised? It was only ever supposed to be used in a particular program, in comic bubbles, called MS Bob. However it was done too late to be included in MS bob, so it got into Microsoft Movie Maker instead, and then from there became a standard font in Windows 95.
Now the reason that a lot of designers hate on it is because its so widely used so inappropriately in many cases that it's like nails on a chalk board. Amatures tend to use it because they like it (or don't have anything else and don't know they can get anything else), without overall regard for how the font impacts a project. There are some very highly inappropriate uses of the font such as:
-Grave Markers
-Anti-weapon signs
-Writing on a commemorative bench
-Government forms
-Church Signs
-Professional sports jerseys
-Museum signs
Aside from this as I mentioned, it was never originally designed to be widely released. This means there was actually some aspects of it that are technically akward, difficult, and just plain ugly. The kerning (the space between letters) is inconsistant, which leads to akward spacing and difficulty reading the text in larger blocks. It also just looks clunky without manually kerning every letter. If you want a comprehensive breakdown of why comic sans isn't even appropriate for comic books, check this link out.
Typography is a skill, that like drawing, inking, or coloring, must be learned, often through trial and error. Most new comic artists end up using comic sans at least a little bit (I'm guilty of abusing ‘Papyrus’ when I was first learning typography. >.> ) because its all they have, but its not too late to upgrade your type face! Check out blambot. Nate's a certified comicbook lettering guru! Learn from the masters and use their fonts! Not the half ass one that got included in Windows just because.

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SydneyRoad at 4:51AM, Jan. 31, 2012
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You're probably going to have to end up buying a font pack. I'd try Blambot. Otherwise you can try to modify your own if you're super creative.

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