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Who's Old?
SLK8ne at 10:11PM, Sept. 14, 2012
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Quotes got messed up on that.
PIT_FACE at 7:09AM, Oct. 23, 2012
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i'm not old. i'm 27 and if things are going the way i'm arranging them, then im actually just beginning, in some aspects. but one thing i HAVE noticed. when i tell people im in school or what my plans are. i dont hear “oh you've got all the time in the world to do that!” anymore. mostly i just hear “oh…better get on it.” :\
ozoneocean at 4:27AM, Oct. 24, 2012
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27 isn't old these days, but it was once…
People age slower these days due to many very real things:
* Nutrition is better and so is hygiene, healthcare and dentistry. These are massive factors!
*Education and the availability of information means that mentally we can be a lot more advanced and healthier too. We can continue learning and being actively involved and interested all our lives. 
-In the old days many people just closed off once they got to their late 30s/early 40s. Many were over the hill at 50 because mentally they were dead to new things. That's not just the old idea that “older people don't understand new things”, it's the very real fact that brains get stagnate, connections cease to form and all that happens is that old behaviour patterns and ideas are recycled and copied over and over instead.
That said, there are still idiots like that, but there's less excuse for it now. :)
*Financially it's easier to support yourself into later age and there are so many more career opportunities open to all sexes and ages of people. And it is so much easier to CHANGE career paths these days- in older times you were pretty much stuck, so much so that entire generations of people are still named for the job of some poor ancestor: Cooper, Smith, Butcher, Miller, and so on. ^_^
-And the current notion that “kids grow up faster now” is so stupid and fake that I want to punch anyone that says it right in the face. Fucking morons…
It's hard to grasp how anyone could be so blithering, blisteringly, painfully dull… Yup, so those kids working in mines and hell-mills sold as child prostitutes in the 1800's were having a great old little time were they? What about all the millions of child soldiers throughout all history… great childhoods those. And so on- too many gazillions of obvious examples there. -_-
ATBL at 7:04PM, Nov. 17, 2012
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All I know is that every time the age of a character in a movie is mentioned and they happen to be older than me, I get a brief sense of pleasure. Shallow? Perhaps. It doesn't matter, anyway - I look much younger than I am. Waiters were still handing me the kids menu at age sixteen. That infuriated me to no end, of course. My mom told me that one day I'd be thankful. I hate to say she was right, but…

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