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Looking for manga artists........this is pretty much the same thing as my last post
ragnaruq at 2:01PM, Jan. 26, 2012
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I plan on starting my own manga series online. I've been working on story lines and characters for a few years now. I've taken college courses in storytelling, writing and what not so im pretty serious about this. The problem I have is drawing, I just cant draw at the professional level that I need this to be successful. Im looking for different characters in different types of scenes. The two mangas I have the most work done with are a samurai manga and another that has mechas in it (like a gundam or code geass) so I would like different drawings on those. For the samurai samples I just want simple scenes (ie. fight scene, training at a dojo, or whatever else you can think of) and for the mecha one I want a fight scene between two mechas, characters in a battle and any others you want to add. For the design of the mechs I don't have anything specific but I would like them to be of a more realistic size (again like gundam or code geass) and not just humanoid forms. You can also incorporate animals styles or even your own design. Send me your samples at and I will respond to you.

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