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WEBReeF 2012 Online Webcomics Meetup this weekend!
Kneon at 12:52PM, Feb. 1, 2012
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Hey there! I'm inviting board members to our WEBReeF online webcomics meetup this weekend! Think virtual con online. We put this together because DigiCon was cancelled late last week.
It's at
We're also looking for folks to host their own virtual panels. Slots are filling up fast, so you'd need to get ahold of my ASAP! We do have multiple rooms if needed, however!
So come out on! It's the first event, but will run all weekend. Feel free to chat it up, use our video streams for live drawings and post your portfolios in our “artist alley.”
JillyFoo at 5:55PM, March 15, 2012
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A virtual con? That's weird! I like meeting people face to face. It sounds interesting but I don't have good enough internet for streaming and stuff.
Anyway good luck with the con.

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