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Trying to find a comic
cocla at 2:23PM, Feb. 11, 2012
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Im trying to find a comic that I lost my link to, and havent been able to find it despite a lot of searching.  Was just wondering if anyone would know the name and/or link from a synopsis of what I can remember of it, which is:
Set in an alternate universe where there are humans as well
as magic, mythical creatures, and demons. A unicorn cop, and his dragon (or reptile
looking, no wings) partner (they are both bipedal) are part of a task force to tackle magic/demon crimes. Apparently
unicorns have an ability that helps catch demons, and therefore demons fear
unicorns. After a robbery at a gun store, when a female demon escapes, the
unicorn and his partner start a search for the demon.  The demon however has possessed the a female fox, not knowing she is the unicorns girlfriend/fiance.  When the unicorn does find her they
(demon, vixen, unicorn) are transported to the demon dimension/world as the demon tries to escape.

Thats where I stopped reading. I remember the name had something to do with the
magic task force .


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