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Seeking artist
MHeitkemper at 7:19AM, Feb. 16, 2012
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joined: 2-16-2012
Are there any artists out there interested in collaborating on a free webcomic more or less just for fun/practice?   It's been something that I've wanted to try out for some time, but since I have absolutely no artistic talent at all, I can't go it alone. I have what I think is a good idea for a webcomic, suspense/thriller.  I think it could be something that we update weekly or bi-weekly whatever fits our schedule.  
If there are any interests please email me .
LadyLara at 4:59PM, March 9, 2012
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Sounds like an interesting idea.
I could use practice anyway.
And I definitely would love to work on it for fun.
I can never really get myself to write out my stories but wouldn't mind illustrating other people's stories and definitely in a collaboration.
I could email you soon on this matter.
Oh hi.
gliitch at 2:43PM, April 19, 2012
posts: 8
joined: 10-12-2007 That's my gallery. I do use varying styles so ask if you have any preferences/questions.

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