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Spam on my Comic!
kaleygeminni at 6:09PM, March 18, 2012
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joined: 7-2-2008
Some ‘Anonymous’ jerk keeps posting spam on my page…  … is there a way to ban anonymous comments?  I just can't delete them all at the same time… have to reload the page to delete a comment.  Is there any way to fix this?
skoolmunkee at 2:13AM, March 24, 2012
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joined: 1-2-2006
Hi kaley, sorry about the late reply- I'm forgetful about most of the sub-forums now. :[
I checked that page and don't see any, unless you mean they're mixed in the archive? There's not a way to block anonymous comments, but the admins can still see who they are- if you get some, send one of us a PQ with a link to the page they're on, and we can take care of them- especially if they're just a lousy spambot!

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