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Design tips for webcomic site?
JLG at 2:31AM, March 23, 2012
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Hi.  I hope someone can give me a little advice.  After three years exclusively on Drunkduck (except for recently joining Sherpa), I'm getting ready to put my comic on its own website.  This is completely uncharted territory for me.  I'm going the WordPress/ComicPress route on the recommendation of another artist, who managed to create a decent site without much knowledge of web design. 
While on the one hand I have to figure out my way through ComicPress (and any tips on that would be greatly appreciated, too), on the other I have to consider the design of the pages.  I've never designed anything for the web, and am faced with several decisions I never thought about before, such as: should every strip be able to be viewed in its entirety without scrolling down?  (This is a moot point for online graphic novels but a valid question for web strips.  Unlike most others, I work in a square format, making this rather tricky.  What makes a good page hierarchy—-i.e., what should go where; blogroll, links, Facebook tab, comments section, etc. etc. etc.  I've already come up with a design, but I'm endlessly fussing over it.  I've been looking at many webcomic sites for inspiration, but there is such a variety of layouts that it's overwhelming.
I guess what I'm essentially asking is, based on reader and creator experience, what are some things you'd recommend doing and not doing while designing a webcomic site?  What kind of design choices, in your opinion, work best to give the reader a smooth, efficient experience and not a cluttered, confusing, or redundant one?
Sorry for the long post, but any advice anyone could give would be greatly appreciated.  So many choices, so little experience….
semiflex at 4:10PM, March 26, 2012
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I hope it's okay to do this, because I don't have permission. If there's a problem I'll gladly take it down. These were posts from, before they went behind a paywall. I saved them for future reference. There's one or two others but I thought these would help you the most, as they're square formatted comics.
Although I chose not to subscribe, I'd encourage anyone interested in this kind of thing to browse their post previews and see if they'd like to subscribe. I remember the free posts they did were very informative and are worth paying for if you can afford it.

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