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Kentucky Fried Popcorn
kentuckyfriedpopcorn at 8:50AM, April 17, 2012
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I created my first web comic here a few weeks back and have been pouring in as many updates as I can, and figured it was about time to announce it.
It's actually an import from my horror movie review blog, where these characters have been around for a while, making comments on movies reviewed a la MST3K.  Example - American Horror Story review.
In KFP, Christopher, George, and Twitch are three kids from 1977 who invent a combo TV/computer/time machine for the purpose of watching monster movies from the future.  This goes awry.
Here's a bit of sample art from a few of the strips.  This is literally the first web comic I have made, so quality varies but I hope it's improving as it goes.

(That last one is from a fantasy sequence - I couldn't resist riffing on Whelan's famous Elric cover starring my comic's Godzilla-obsessed Twitch)

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