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Problem with dates
WanderingMuse at 8:13AM, May 3, 2012
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So, I've only been on this site since last month, but when I go to add a new page to my comic, the date to upload is never set on the date that it currently is (like, today, May 3rd, it's set at April 11th). That's not really a problem, as I can easily change it, but when I put the comic to upload on today's date, it doesn't upload. I have to set the upload date as, in this case, April 11th to get it to show up so other people can see it. Is there something wrong with the dates? Is The Duck a time traveler? :P I'd appreciate the help. I realize it's probably something simple.
skoolmunkee at 11:53AM, May 9, 2012
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Yeah for some reason the site doesn't seem to keep up with whatever day it is. You should be able to set it for today, though! I have noticed problems when trying to upload multiple pages, are you trying to upload just one or several at once?

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