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Disappointed in the Duck
Hayakain at 5:01PM, May 14, 2012
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I'm sure this has been covered many times before, but ever since DrunkDuck became The Duck, a lot of site features (stats, renaming and configuring page layouts, etc) have not worked and still do not. It was very disappointing to go from a fully functional DrunkDuck to a half-finished TheDuck. I still enjoy a lot of the comics and don't plan to leave, but I felt I need voice my concerns.
If I a not mistaken, financial issues were partly to blame and I understand that. However an update on when or if such things will ever work would be nice. Is there such a thing that I'm missing?
Check out
OR for other works :D

ozoneocean at 9:25PM, June 6, 2012
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We all understand these issues and agree completely.

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