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Do you promote your comic by facebook?
JillyFoo at 3:34PM, May 24, 2012
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What do you think of promoting your webcomic by Facebook? Do you have a group or do you just promote as an author? How is it useful to you?
ATBL at 2:04PM, May 27, 2012
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Yeah, promoting on FB can be helpful. For my comic, I promote it as an illustrator, but I also have a FB fanpage dedicated to it. Additionally, I have a FB page for each of the main characters and I have them interact with people from time to time and promote through them as well. Doing this can be a bit exhausting at times and confusing. Honestly, I don’t get THAT much attention through FB at this time. Promoting through various comic forums has been more helpful than promoting through FB (and FB keeps changing things and is getting worse and worse as a site in general, but what can you do). You should at the very least have a FB fanpage for your comic. It certainly helps in the long run. Also put a “like” button on your site so people can like it on FB, without having to actually go to FB to do so.

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