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[plug] It's... The Fabulous Frolica! Pin Up Calendar for June, 2012!
stephen adams at 2:06PM, May 28, 2012
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Before I wax lyrical about Frolica!, check out Bhaddland ( for some lush and beautiful artwork of lush and beautiful women!
And now… Frolica!
Print out the Fabulous Frolica! Pin Up Calendar… heck print a bunch of 'em! One on your fridge… one on your bedroom mirror… one in your work cubicle… you get the idea!! And check out the continuing adventures of Frolica! at her own site
See what happens with her houseguest, Kitty Eton… now that Fritz Flootzendootzen, the Master of Masters, is thrown into the mix!!
Have a great summer!

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