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Sinope Checkin' in! Hello everyone.
Sinope at 5:20PM, June 12, 2012
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Hi.  Any of you who cruise adult comic and art forums maybe have come across my art.  I draw comic books of the erotica genre mostly focused around a my OC called “Little Lorna”.
(if you do a search of Little Lorna, you'll probably find some of the places I post).
I do have comics for sale but I'm not going to shill here since I'm new to DD.
I'm a regular at the forums.
Quick question… what are the content rules in DD for adult comics?  I mean, I'm assuming underage is NOT COOL as with all sites but what about other themes such as violence, incest, rape, gore, Fillet-o-Fishes, Crocs… etc???
I'm excited to get started here and I hope to be a regular contributor!
mikle at 1:02AM, July 27, 2012
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Hi Sinope
i like your draws but not your story,
there is one picture from you which is absolutely perfect in the legend “say hello to your new mother”
if you should make other like this ?
for example as pararam site a picture with a little legend,
good luck !
Genejoke at 3:08PM, July 28, 2012
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It's pretty broad here but yeah pedo stuff would be a no no, beyond that… well most of it has been done in other adult comics on the site.  I expect one of the admins will comment and expand on this but you should be fine.

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