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2012 Volunteer Thread of Epicness
Niccea at 1:41PM, June 16, 2012
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What are you willing to do to get the awards off the ground? We need people for everything. There are some things that I can fill in the gaps for, but other things that I just need help with.
These are the bigger areas where help is needed.
Presenters - People who want to make comic page presentations for the awards. Right now I'm just collecting a master list of those interested. Please note that the commitment for the presenters will not be until August when the nominations come in. Presentations will be assigned randomly, so please only tell me if there is a category that you are completely unwilling to do. Also, we need presentation comics to be kept clean. The awards comic is rated “E.” (You can do more than one if we need it). As an added proviso this year, I would like for anyone interested in presenting to PQ me your email address. This will only be used in the case of an emergency if I have tried every other way to contact you.
Judges - Pretty much the same as the presenters as far as when the commitment is only you will be grouped with two other judges to judge a category. Please make an account in the official forum. Just PQ me with your username and email address ifyou make an account so I can verify it. There is a thread in this forum to volunteer to sign up.

Extra stuff - Think of anything the awards need but I haven't listed (like those extra pages from last time) or anything else. Just PQ me so I can take things into consideration. So anything that can be done to help will be nice. I would like to have a buddy help herd the cats that are the presenters and maybe be a back up if I can’t get pages up in time to get the presentations moving.
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Niccea at 1:52PM, June 16, 2012
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This Year's Categories:
**Best Abstract Comic: 
Needs Discription 
Best Adventure Comic:
Quests, missions, explorations, and/or other dangerous or exciting ventures. 
Best Adult-oriented Comic:
A-rated comics. XXX No one under 18 admitted! Live nudes! Or excessive violence. Or both!
Best All Ages Comic:
Child-friendly comics that the whole family can enjoy.
Best Anthropomorphic Comic:
They act like people and think like people, but they look like foxes or dolphins or toasters.
Best Autobiographical Comic:
Autobiographical comics that revolve around the struggles and triumphs of everyday life. Exagerations only make you look cooler.
Best Community Project:
Comics and projects that bring together a variety of DD members for
massive synergy! (DD Awards are not eligible, for giving ourselves an
award would create a paradox vortex from which there is no escape.)

Best Fantasy Comic:
Magical, mythical, mystical, marvelous. Comics set in fantastical
settings, involving magic or mythical creatures, abilities, or beings.
Best Horror Comic:
The dark, scary, and twisted. Monsters, psychological thrillers, and
 ax-wielding psychos all have their place among these wonderfully
horrific comics.

Best Humor Comic:
Gags, jokes, lols, roflmaos, and such. Format and subject matter aren't important. It just has to make you laugh.
Best Mystery/Crime/Noir:
Crime drama, police, mobsters, mysteries, hard-boiled detectives, and/or meddling kids. 
Best Parody/Tribute:
Comics that use the characters, worlds, or creations of other creators. It's not copyright infringement! It's an homage! 
Best Philosophical/Political Comic:
Make-you-think comics that address deep topics from the spiritual and philosophical to the cultural or political. 
Best Romance Comic:
Girl/boy, boy/boy, girl/girl, girl/girl/boy, man/alien, or whatever.
 It's all about LOVE! Love love love love love love love love. Maybe
some hate too, and some other things, but romantic relationship(s) take
center stage.

Best Sci-fi Comic:
A form of speculative fiction so named because the fantastical
elements are rooted in or explained by actual or fictional scientific
Best Superhero Comic:
Too super for other categories. 
Comics that make use of the THIRD DIMENSION (oo, ah) or appear to.
*Best Action Within A Comic   :
Chase scenes, fights, big explosions; CRASH POW ZOOM – you know the stuff
Best Manga Style Comic:
Comics inspired by the artistic style and conventions of Japanese cartooning.

Best Photo Comic:
Smile! You're on Comic Camera!
Best Pixel/Sprite/Stock Image Comic:
These comics take existing (or created) sprites/images and assemble them in different ways to create new strips/pages.
Best Stick Figure or Simplified Art Comic:
o.o  ^_^
Most Deliciously Offensive:
These f&%#@ comics might p^@(# you the f*^^@* off.

Best Background Art:
The background, setting, environment, and surroundings. Including architecture, scenery, furniture, vehicles, etc.
Best Character Design:
The artistic design of the characters. This includes anatomy, facial
 expressions, and clothing (but not speech, mannerisms, or
Best Comic Layouts:
The components of visual storytelling that harmonize the artwork
into a page and direct flow and pacing. Includes panel shape and
position, placement of speech balloons, lettering, and general
Best Dialogue:
It's all about what they say and how they say it.
Best Plot Development:
The overall story composition and pacing, and the use of storytelling elements.
**Best Use of Medium: 
Whether the comic is in black and white or full color, the author does a good job at using it.
Most Improved Art:
The comic that shows the most artistic improvement between July 2011 and now.
*Best Protagonist:
Contrary to popular belief, the protagonist is the main character of the story whether they are good or evil.
*Best Antagonist:
Opposes the protagonist. Doesn't necesarily have to be evil
incarnate, it could be Superman in a comic about Lex Luthor for example.
Best Supporting Character:
A noteworthy secondary character; can be good, bad, or other.

**Outstanding Achievement Within the Community:
user that will win this award is always there to particpate in the
community no matter what. These people show their support for the site
within the forums and by participating in community projects.

Most Dedicated Creator:
That creator who seems to be a page-making machine, every day on
time – or maybe the one who has been at it forever and has a thousand
pages of the most amazing quality – or the one who is updating five
different regular comics on a schedule. Whatever they are doing, they
sure are DEDICATED.

Most Supportive Reader:
Maybe they leave the most comments or the most insightful ones, or
they draw wonderful fanart, or they are always available to discuss your

script ideas or send you cards when you're on hiatus.

Best Completed Comic:
Comics that were concluded sometime between July 2011 and now. (Indefinite hiatus doesn't count.)
Best Overall Comic Strip:
Best webcomic with stand-alone updates or short, unrelated story arcs, usually in a horizontal or vertical strip format.
Best Overall Story Comic:
Best webcomic that tells a continuous story, usually in full page format.
**Create Your Own Award
see the proper award for the comic/person you were thinking of on this
list? Make one up. Create your own award and give it a winner. Best
awards will be chosen by a dedicated team of judges.
usedbooks at 1:59PM, June 16, 2012
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I'll make a presentation. I don't have a prefered category, so just assign me after others are taken.
I should be able to do some judging. Three categories are my comfortable limit. (I might be able to jump into others if needed at the zeroth hour, especially the “technical” categories, which are usually a little less time-consuming.) I have no preferences but am not comfortable with the A-rated stuff. I'm already registered at the forum.
Lopriest at 3:40PM, June 16, 2012
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I can present and judge again.  Not picky on presentation but prefer not to judge stick figure, sprite or humor.  Thanks,
skoolmunkee at 1:56PM, June 17, 2012
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I'll do a presentation page (probably only one, I'm kinda slow) and I'm happy to judge a couple categories as usual. :] If we're still using JNP's forums I'm already on there.
Gunwallace at 3:37PM, June 17, 2012
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I'm happy to present, and I'll have a go at judging if I'm needed.
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shastab24 at 5:05PM, June 17, 2012
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I would love to be a presenter.  It doesn't matter how many pages I'm given, because I'm sure I could get them done.  It should be a fun experience.
Niccea at 8:01PM, June 17, 2012
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Yes, we are still using Just No Point's Forum. The link is in the OP. Also, it would be great if the people volunteering to present can PQ me their email address. Last year, many presenters never checked their PQs and caused a lot of problems.
bravo1102 at 10:23PM, June 17, 2012
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I'll present this year again, as many as you need and everyone will keep all their clothes on. I really enjoyed doing such a broad variety of presentations last year.


I'll judge.  See post below.
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El Cid at 9:07AM, June 18, 2012
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I'm interested in judging and presenting again. Not sure which categories, though.
jgib99 at 2:39PM, June 18, 2012
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I'll be a presenter and judge. I didn't get a chance to do this last year, and I really missed doing it. So I'm in.
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Genejoke at 3:30PM, June 18, 2012
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I can judge and present.  not fussy which categories.
darrell at 6:43PM, June 20, 2012
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PQing you about presenting.
Tantz Aerine at 4:46PM, June 21, 2012
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I'll help with the judging :) Any category is all right.
Call Me Tom at 12:16AM, June 22, 2012
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I am willing to present!
PaulEberhartd at 9:33AM, June 22, 2012
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The deadline for presentations is 25 August, right?

In that case I'll be happy to present.
Niccea at 10:18AM, June 22, 2012
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Also, spread the word about the awards to your readership. The more volunteers we get, the better we are. I would rather beat volunteers off with a stick than hunt them down.
MrHades at 1:10PM, June 22, 2012
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I dont mind presenting an award… ‘Action’ or ‘Superhero’ would be my preference :)
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DaWaterRat at 8:17PM, June 22, 2012
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Okay, looking at the schedule, I can probably manage a presentation or two.  The only one I'd really rather not do is Most Deliciously Offensive.

I can't commit to Judging now, but it's possible come August that if Niccea needs a fill in judge because someone had to back out, I might be able to help.  However, it's something I won't know until August is actually here.
Banes at 5:53AM, June 23, 2012
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I'll present!
BSP_Curt at 12:04PM, June 23, 2012
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I'll judge. Preferably best adult, sci-fi or crime/noir
Niccea at 12:12PM, June 23, 2012
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This is just a reminder. Anyone that wants to judge, but hasn't judged for the Drunk Duck Awards before needs to make an account in the official forum.
I must also have the email address and username used to be able to approve the registration.
Niccea at 10:00PM, June 25, 2012
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I would like to remind any volunteers that have comics: please promote the awards in your comics get some poeple fired up to volunteer, pester some of your friends areound here that you know are active, but not volunteered yet. Do what you can!!!
raimusxczar at 12:26AM, June 26, 2012
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i want to present or judge! PLEASE

Niccea at 8:27AM, June 26, 2012
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You can do both you know.
Dark Pascual at 3:08PM, June 27, 2012
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Count me in!!!
I'm up for presentation.
Niccea at 3:35PM, June 27, 2012
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Alright, we have half the amount of presenters we need (we need a total of 41)
and almost a third of the judges we need (ideally, we would have total
of 37 though we can make due with 25 (just a lot more work for the
already hard working judges) but having 50 would be awesome).
And don't you go telling me that there aren't that many people on the site. I had 283 individual ballots submitted last year. We also had 34 presenters last year (and that was with Banes doing all the work for technical awards and one other presentation and a few people doing two presentations). For this year we would just need 7 more dedicated presenters than last year and only a couple of willing ones will have to do more than one award. We also had 24 judges last year so the 25 judge bare minimum is acheivable. As another amount of people baseline, we had 62 people like this comic last year and 21 people liked it so far this year.

Now if you are wondering where I'm getting these numbers…
There are a total of 40 awards this year (and we then tack on The Reader's Choice Award based purely on numbers.) So 41 total categories for presenters.
Of the 41 categories that will show up for the awards, only 36 and half will actually be judged on. (The Create Your Own Award will have judges but it is not based on pouring over pages and pages of comics). The golden standard for judging the awards is having 3 judges for each category and the average judge judges 3 categories (that is the default number I give judges unless they specify the want more or less). So, that is where the 37 judges comes in. That is, 37 categories with three judges to them with three judges doing each category.
The bare minimum of 25 judges (which kinda happened last year) would have only 2 judges per each category with every judge presiding an average of 3 categories. (A lot of judges had to do more than three last year to get the categories finished). I really don't want this to happen again making 25 the minimum but not ideal. It isn't good for the process.
Now the very large and possibly unatainable number of 50, would be four judges to a category. This has not happened in the past, but it was something that JustNoPoint was working toward. I will not force 4 judges into a category unless I had the willing amount of judges. Which, as I said, if all juges were in 3 different categories, the number would be 50.
Don't get me started on how it worked out with El Cid and Harkovast last year who were participating judges that were nominated for almost every single stinking category.
As far as the individual volunteers go, if we have every single volunteer both judge and present, will only need a total of 41 volunteers (or, even more awesomely 50). I know not all judges can draw and not all artists should judge, but that is just numbers….so…yeah…

And…sorry for the long post. I do job reports right now so I keep track of every dollar employees make at my waterpark. Productivity is a portion of that.
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JustNoPoint at 7:20PM, June 27, 2012
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Bah, who am I not to contribute something to the awards again. As utterly swamped as I am I'll throw my name in as a presenter and a judge for 3 categories. Possibly more if needed.
bravo1102 at 10:50PM, June 27, 2012
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As many presentations as you need I'll do, at least three.

And I've changed my mind about judging.  The whole undefined abstract catagory is really attractive to me.  The entire concept of defining excellence in the undefinable appeals to me.
Canuovea at 1:27PM, June 29, 2012
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I can judge. Though it might be a good idea to keep me out of areas that are likely to contain Harkovast. Just look at my Avatar thing. Not that I wouldn't try to be fair, but… inner psychological stuff. I'd be willing to judge those categories if necessary, but it would require me putting more effort than normal into being imparital.
Being relatively new to this whole thing, I've no idea about this “account in the official forum”, which I assume is different from just having a regular The Duck account. I'll look into that stuff, but some kind of explanation would be nice. I'll also just PQ you, Niccea.

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