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Small-Press Comic Anthology Looking For Submissions!
RTHaldeman at 8:19PM, June 16, 2012
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My name is Randy, and I am the co-founder/owner of a small-press comic publisher, Keyhole Comics Studio. While we've really only pursued printing our own material, we finally decided to open our doors to an anthology submission. The theme is “The Future”, and you can read the more detailed guidelines at the link below.
We are accepting any style of art and storytelling. We want to experience new ways of reading comics. If you think you have what it takes to make a compelling story driven by great artwork, send us some ideas and samples. Unfortunately we are not looking to pair artists and writers, but this would be a great opportunity to hunt down someone new here on The Duck. This is an UNPAID anthology, but you have the opportunity to get your art and stories printed. The submissions close March 1, 2013, and we plan to be printing these anthologies by August 2013.
If you have any questions just ask either here, or use the email address located at the submissions page link below. Please read the guidelines before asking any questions, as we may have already answered it.
Thank you all so much, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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