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Change Comic Title?
DarkPaladin300 at 8:19AM, June 30, 2012
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joined: 10-31-2009
Alright, here is the situation: I just recently created a comic called Dahlee The Bar Maid.
Now the problem is that I was not happy with the title so I was wonder if you actually can change the title or not?
El Cid at 3:56PM, July 4, 2012
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Your best bet, since you're just starting out, is just to delete it and start over. (which I'm guessing you've already done)
ozoneocean at 11:52PM, July 4, 2012
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Users can't change comic totles unfortunately, But the adminsitatrors (Skoolmunkee and I) can!
So in future just PQ me and ask me what you'd like your title to be :)
I can even make it so your webcomic's URL stays the same or says something else other than your comic title ^_^
ATBL at 12:30PM, July 24, 2012
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joined: 3-16-2011
So what are you changing the title too, I might ask?

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