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recently updated comics not showing the new pages
slypheraun at 7:38PM, July 31, 2012
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in at least one comic i have favorited it says it was updated yesterday on my favorites bar on the main page, but the comic page is not shown it doesnt even have a page for it says the upload date for the current one is the 6th of this month on that comic. comic is  A Different Perspective. not sure if its just this comic or what but it's annoying. anyone else getting this?
ozoneocean at 10:55PM, Aug. 22, 2012
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The comic probably updated recently, but the upload date was set wrong. Happens a lot with this system.
Normally the default update date is a few days or even a whole month behind, but if you don't change that your page will still update as normal anyway, so most people don't even notice the date is wrong.

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