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Looking for a partner for a Web Comic
DavidFoxfire at 10:04PM, Aug. 11, 2012
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This post is ported from My DA Page.  I've been told that there may be someone who can be friendly enough to consider working with me and not rejecting me outright because of what I am.  Here goes:
I have to admire Mookie of Dominic Deegan for being the web comic artist I couldn't be.  His flagship strip might have his detractors.  In fact, he doesn't have a message group because it was overrun by his hatedom, but he managed to keep plugging away week after week of fun to read strips and even get welcomed on conventions like AnimeSTL and even earn money out of it.  He's someone I wished I could be myself.
Well, as most of his readers (fans or haters) know, DD is going to end within the next year, 2013 at the latest, quite possibly by either a world-shattering catastrophie by a mad wizard who wants to be God, or by Dominic's own death and passing of the torch to what could be his werewolf pupil.  Either way, they'd be some cheering, maybe a tear or two–if Mookie's lucky–maybe a “I want my Ten Years Back!”–if my Inner Retard is correct–and eventually wondering what would be next for our longsuffering friend…even someone moaning the fact that they have nothing to hate anymore.
Well, fortunately for Mookie, he has plans for the future.  He's teamed up with an excellent superhero artist, if the past week's concept art and DA page is to be believed :devgarthft: and is penning a superhero comic that harkens back to when the superhero comics were actually ‘good’ in their eyes.  I quote from Mookie's Blog:
“We both love superheroes, but we're upset with the current state of superhero offerings from ”the big two“ (Marvel and DC). So, instead of waiting for someone to produce the kind of comics we want to see, we decided to get together and do it ourselves. We want to help recapture the wonder and excitement of having superpowers instead of the crushing angst and crippling inner conflict. We want this project to be fast and fun. We want to create a universe you want to escape to, not from.”
That's the kind of comic I'd like to make myself, but on a different angle.  For quite some time with Johnny Briz, I'd like to make a Sonic X style comic depicting Johnny's adventures and mis-adventures in the Human World, under the care and helping the career of Amber Merichello.  I wanted it to be Sonic-like in nature, but only without all the Soap Opera Melodrama of the Ken Penders era, or the Crippling Angst and Roboticized Princesses of the Modern era.  I wanted to create an alternative to all those people disenchanted with what Archie's crapping out of its creative anus, and maybe even fill in the gap of having a comic people would like to be in.
I have two things keeping me from even wanting to try it, however.
1)  I need a partner.  Someone whom can help me with the artwork (especially the inking and coloring, and I'm not talking advice on my style here, I'm talking an actual Inker/Colorer/whatever; I don't want to be the only artist.) and maybe even bounce some ideas around with.  It doesn't have to be a Disney clone or even a DisneyXMarvel project.  In fact, if this becomes an independent web comic, I would prefer that it won't for obvious reasons.  That means I'd like to have people haggle with me on not just the art, but the world around Johnny, Amber, and the like.  I'd like to have believable scenarios and sympathetic characters, pro and antagonists.  I'd like to have a decent enough storyline that shows Johnny's rise to a Modern Day Mickey Mouse with all the twists and turns involved.  And I'd like it to look like there was some quality involved.  If I can get a team together, I can whip out a script and even use NaNoWriMo to punch out a pitch bible to work with.
However, there a bigger hurdle to get which might keep me from getting one, and that is…
2)  I'm David Gonterman
You don't need to look far to understand why I'm very hesitant on starting anything or even posting stuff here on DA. (Or in this case, signing up here on Drunk Duck.) Hell, I'm even hesitant of talking about myself anymore because I can't seem to say anything positive about myself.  I really wanted to make a comic book or write stories for a living, especially in this economy where nobody would want to hire someone who was unemployed for five years and needs absteos undies to Google his name.  “Buy my books or Pay for my Food Stamps” has replaced “Disney Magic, Fox Attitude” as my motto, and that's not a good thing.
And let's be honest, I might be better than Lefield, Land, and almost 25% of all the artists in Marvel and DC alone–I wish I was tooting my own horn, have you seen Lefield lately?  Ugh!–but is there even a “I Support David Foxfire” stamp here in DA?  I've yet to see one. Instead I get historic passages like “I'd like to see David do better…but I don't to help him.” and “I'd like to tell him to keep up the good work…but I don't want him to know who I am.” and my personal favorite "When's this guy going to make a new deviation.  His Burn Page needs new material!"
My point here is, even though I'll continue to do the books, if I'm ever going to make any kind of new strips or something like that, I can't do it alone.  If there's going to be a new Foxfire Comic, be it Johnny Briz, or Scarlet PI, or anything else, I'm going to need someone to work with.
If I can get that, I'd count it as a miracle.
PostScript 01:  I know that some of you would prefer me to do an SPI script, and I would have if it weren't such in a niche audience. I want a comic strip that would be more general audience, and a Generic JB strip would be best for that area. I also don't need to have it in a set page-sized restriction, but I can go on ribbon-style like what's going on with Drowtales  and Las Lindas.
That's basicially why I'm here.  Part of me wants to get back into web comics, the rest doesn't want to feed the trolls.  If I had a team to work with, maybe with others with talent that can be put to good practice with this project, it'll be easier for me to go on ahead.  So here I am introducing myself and seeing if I can make some friends here.
But what do I know, I might not even be welcomed here.

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