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Guests asked to log in to see subpages
obviouschild at 7:20AM, Sept. 2, 2012
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joined: 6-4-2012
Hi all!
So I'm brand new to the duck, and I'm having some trouble making my subpages viewable to non-members. Since links to the subpages don't appear automatically in the header, I've used the ‘links’ setting to add them, but every time anyone who isn't logged in clicks on them, they get asked to log in. That's going to be a problem for guests. Any suggestions?
skoolmunkee at 4:08PM, Sept. 2, 2012
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joined: 1-2-2006
Hm…. it doesn't seem like it should do that, does it? But I don't think it's something I've ever explored too closely, so I can't say whether it has always done that or not. I'll ask oz.
Unfortunately I doubt it's something we can change, there's very little development as far as subpages go. Things like that are probably why most people don't use them.

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