Podcast Interview with comic creator and writer about the Mythoi series
Evil Ink at 2:38PM, Sept. 17, 2012
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1. Let’s start by telling our listeners who you are and what Mythoi is about.
James: I write comic books for a company called Keyleaf. They are an independent publisher at of San Diego County. One of the books that I write is Mythoi, and it’s been around for a couple years now and the entire premise is kind of based on my love of mythology and the idea that all myths exist in the world at the same time.
It set a modern day; where would we be now if all those myths were true.
2. How would compare short story writing with writing a script for a comic?
James: It is surprisingly similar.
I think it depends on the run of the comic that you are working on. The thing we’re short stories is telling a big story in a small amount of time. You don’t necessarily have 400 or 500 pages to build the characters, build situations and build scenarios, and yet the goal is to reach people all the same; I think comics definitely carry that torch.
You have 22 pages or around there to get somebody interested. Essentially you have less than that to get them to keep a reading your book. You’ve got to really got to grab them early on and keep them interested and after that 22 pages you’ve got to have them wanting to come back for more.
So these two are more similar than I thought they would be.
3. How did you settle on those five characters?
James: One of the things that they teach you in college is to write what you know. And most writers will write characters that will have a lot of themselves in it. So one of the first things I did was think about dominant personality traits in me and things that I could write about with a fair amount of authority in terms of personality.
So what broke down characters based on what they had in common with me and took my favorite mythologies plugged in them in. So each of those characters represents something that I want in my life and trying to make those work together.
If you really pull the curtain back, I guess it’s for the five aspects of James trying to get along, which makes me sound insane. But that is really what it is.

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