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MrWolfman at 5:05AM, Sept. 30, 2012
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hi i own a website. and i want to add a comic section to the site. so if you want to get your work out there post a link to your comic and lets talk buisness.
what are the benifets?
1.) free advertising: as you would guess i advertise my own site, so seiing as your work would be apart of that site you would reep the benifits of my advertisments.
2.) earn profit: if it is determined that your comic becomes a significant draw on the site you will get 90% of all profits generated from your content
3.) merchandising: after your work becomes a staple of our site we will no doubt add merchandise based on your caracter to our store. seeing as you own the rights to the character you would recive 90% of all profits from your branded merchandise
so if this sounds good to you please respond
here is a link to the site that will launch on the 19th of oct. so there still might be some bugs
fenndragon at 4:32PM, Oct. 1, 2012
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joined: 8-17-2012
note to self. make some headway on my comic.

like now.  

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