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My Comic page hurts.... And not so good!!
Phoenixencore at 3:28PM, Oct. 22, 2012
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Whatever happened to the general layouts of the comic pages, now my page background is white and blinding…. Probably chased away the 3 people that have tried to come…. Or maybe it's my update rate…. That's neither here nor there. The question is do I HAVE TO put a background image myself now? If so can someone link me to those parameters… Can't seem to find them anywhere.
Thanks in advance.
El Cid at 7:04PM, Oct. 22, 2012
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joined: 5-4-2009
Go to the “activate layout mode” tab in the upper right hand corner.
NOTE: If your changes don't save, then try it again using the Google Chrome browser. That seems to work for everybody, that I'm aware of.
Phoenixencore at 5:49PM, Oct. 25, 2012
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joined: 8-12-2008
I did. That's half of the problem, there's nothing there. Thank for the input El.
ozoneocean at 8:17PM, Oct. 25, 2012
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joined: 1-2-2004
I can make any changes you want to your page. Just tell me what you want done.

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