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Can't Use the BBCode
Nero Angelo at 4:56PM, Oct. 24, 2012
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It's as the title says.  I've been trying for a while to use the BBCodes to link stuff in my comments, but it doesn't work.  like when I type the url inside, all it does is show the brackets and the “url” surrounding the link I wanted.
If it makes any difference, I'm using the latest firefox when I'm on the website & can easily switch to Google Chrome.  Please help me, I don't know what to do
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ozoneocean at 7:12PM, Nov. 4, 2012
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URL links…
OK, I treid it and it worked fine for me- both with and without the BB code tags, standard links work ok.
In the forums links will mess up often when they're linking to DD stuff or the link has spaces in it. Is your link that sort of thing?

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