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Comedy vs drama: Who's getting the last laugh?
JillyFoo at 10:51AM, Oct. 27, 2012
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Does a webcomic have to be funny to succeed, ie not necessarily a joke-a-day, but at the very least comedic in tone? Do serious drama webcomics have a disadvantage in gaining audience share?
El Cid at 7:11AM, Nov. 1, 2012
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I think so. I mean, yeah there is an audience for dead serious comics, and a lot of the most acclaimed comics that come to mind for me were pretty humorless, but as far as broad appeal goes I think for the most part its' easier to coax people into reading something that's lighthearted as opposed to something heavy that they'll have to put some work into clawing a deeper meaning out of. Even some of the more grim comics I've read seem to inject a good amount of humor and tongue-in-cheek to make themselves more palatable. Just my opinion though.
Genejoke at 3:51PM, Nov. 28, 2012
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So that's where I go wrong, no humour.
Kota at 8:20PM, Dec. 2, 2012
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I think there's a strong difference between comedy and levity. One is going for a laugh, the other is releaving tension. I feel that levity is the more important of the two. It just happens often that levity takes the form of humor. One of the things I hate is when everything in a series is dramatic all the time. People fart, man. It happens. may as well show it every now and again and releave the stress.
Kota Otan
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ozoneocean at 5:09AM, Dec. 4, 2012
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Comedies do better because they're easier to get into. So yes.
ATBL at 5:42PM, Dec. 13, 2012
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I feel that comedies are easier to market, but harder to maintain if you start having writers block.  Kota made an excellent point about levity vs comedy. A comedy comic that isn't funny just isn't worth reading. But a comic that offers levity grants you more possibilities. It may be a bit more difficult to establish a readership, but once you do, that readership may be more inclined to stay with the comic a lot longer than if it were a semi-funny comedy. I'd like to see more quality humorless comics out there, but they are few and far between. My favorite is Supermassive Black Hole. I'm about to launch a humorless sci-fi comic myself, so we'll see how that goes…

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