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Introducing Sovest
Lottie at 3:16PM, Nov. 4, 2012
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I am new to this website, and here to read webcomics as well as write one myself.
I have been writting strips of Sovest for some time now, it all started in class, when i was bored.
But it had never occured to me to share it online!
Sovest is an amateur, very sketchy and poorly drawn comic, I use only a thick black pen, school paper, and my scanner to bring it to you.
It follows the life of Sovest (duh) a very… unique looking character, as he wanders around his world, mostly thinking about life, and stating facts.
What Sovest says is also ment to reflect real aspects of our lives and society, even though his world is “so diferent”.
Sovest lives in his reality,
which is not ours.
Join him as he ponders his life,
which is nothing like ours.
I hope this little comic will be enjoyed, and even if not, I enjoy writting and drawing it myself,
so it's not a problem!


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awsome owl 98 at 7:18AM, May 27, 2013
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It is enjoyed.

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