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Need Artist for Fantasy Comic...
SkyWorld at 12:56PM, Nov. 30, 2012
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TITLE: Retribution (subject to change)Genre: Thriller/Fantasy/Mystery

SUMMARY: I do not have an official summary yet, but the main concept follows two twin boys named Leap and Chrome, who were born with the ability to harness energy and use it for good or evil. Leap, the dark haired, blue-eyed brother, can wield negative energy by using objects, such as shattering a glass cup to break an opponents bones, or sharply twisting a chain to break someones neck. Chrome, the younger white-blonde haired, brown-eyed brother can use positive energy to turn enemies into allies by using elements, such as water, smoke, and sand. The setting is the turn of Industrial Revolution London, bordering the Victorian era. Both boys are nobility. The book begins with the murder of the twin's parents, and their plot to escape an underground cult who wishes to use them as a means to overthrow Europe.

Leap Vonheckler
AGE: 15
HAIR: Long, Black.
EYES: Blue
PERSONALITY: cocky, smartass, daring, fearless.
Chrome Voheckler
AGE: 15
HAIR: Long, White-Blonde
EYES: Hazel
PERSONALITY: smart, brave, assertive, modest, quiet.

MY NOTES: I’m an experienced writer. I'm currently publishing a book with Scholastic. I will say I have never posted a comic online, mainly because I’ve never been able to find a trustworthy artist. But I do have experience with writing scripts for panels. If you are interested, I would eventually like to pay you (not right away, I’m on a bit of a budget at the moment). You do not have to have experience with drawing comics, but I do need someone with knowledge of how they’re drawn and work. 

ARTIST I'M LOOKING FOR: I am an artist myself and I do prefer more detailed art. My characters and their background are always my main focus, so I do need someone who can convey emotion and expression well. I have always seen this story as a manga, but I don't have to go there. Really my main focus with my artist is for one–someone who is trustworthy, and two—someone who can bring my characters to life. Black and white is fine for most of the comic, but a few colored pieces would be nice. 

If you are interested please comment below or PM me and make sure to attach a link to your comics and/or deviantart/portfolio!

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