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Please help me remember the name of this webcomic
Temporary1 at 11:13PM, Dec. 20, 2012
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I was reading this webcomic and forgot to bookmark it. Now I can't
remember the name and it's driving me nuts. It's an adult-themed b&w
comic done in a manga art style. It begins with a scene of the main
character fighting some snake women. She defeats them, but then the
queen snake woman, who is gigantic, shows up. The main character
continues to fight, but is easily subdued. Then the queen says that she
recognizes the main character, but the main character doesn't seem to
remember her own identity. Ultimately, an muscular woman saves the main
character from the snake women with a comment to the effect that she's
been looking for our protagonist, but once again our protagonist doesn't
recognize this person.

That's basically the first chapter where I left off. If anyone knows
this it would really help me out. I can't stand forgetting things like

Thanks in advance.
ozoneocean at 11:52PM, Dec. 20, 2012
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I dunno but if it's isted as Adult and Manga then it'll be on one of these 4 search pages:
If it's not listed as manga then you'll have to search through 16 pages of results:

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