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JimHarbor at 2:24PM, Dec. 29, 2012
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Hello. I have
been on The Duck for about three months now and there is an issue that is
causing strife. The PQ system currently does not tell you if you have new
messages or not. Not by an email system or even with a simple “(x) new
messages” by the panel like in other forums. This has caused a slowing
down of several projects I am involved with, as many people do not know that
they are being contacted unless they make effort to regularly check the PQ
system.  It seems like a relatively simple fix and it would make things go
a lot more smoothly.


                                                                                                , Thanks Jim Harbor
ozoneocean at 12:03AM, Jan. 2, 2013
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Hi Jim.
Yes that is a constant irritation to us all here. Of course it used to work properly, but after the change over of the site's data to a whole new system things went all screwy.
I was on holiday at the time, but when I came back they told me they had to shut off the PQ notifications because it was causing massive slowdowns site wide, as the server was constantly checking if there were any new PQs so it would know to notify people…
There was a tight deadline for getting the site fully running so that problem was deemed “annoying but non-essential” and put on the back burner till everything else was running workably. Then the GFC happened and funding to our parent site died, all our programmers left except one who worked for free to get the site in a running state before he quit too.
So the little things like PQ notifications never got fixed.
Now apparently funding is trickling back to the host site and things will very slowly begin to happen but don't hold your breath.
In the mean time what I do is check my PQ list at least once daily, and for projects I tend to organise alternative forms of communication- email, facebook, twitter, Google Docs etc.

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