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Sweet Dreams Now on Drunk Duck
Imbriaart at 9:32AM, Jan. 2, 2013
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Starting from chapter 6 Imbria Art's Sweet Dreams will now be simulcast on Drunk Duck. 
Nina McCay’s life is getting harder by the moment as her Grandfather is dying in the hospital. Money is nearly gone and her hope is about gone. Pushed by her friends she tries to get a job at a small sweet shop in town. Before she knows it she is placed in the middle of a battle between the forces of light and dark in her own town. With the help of the Stubborn piglet R.P. that can take on human form, Shin a Heart throb candy maker, Anna the Overly happy mage, and Karin a money loving manager. 
Each staff member with their own magical secrets to hide lend a hand in stopping the attack of a monstrous menace known as the Neba. The staff of the shop Sweet Dreams, bring wishes of blessed dreams to those that shop their doors and work hard at stopping Darkness from spreading across the town.

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