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Sporadic RSS updates
ken261 at 7:27AM, Jan. 20, 2013
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joined: 1-20-2013
It seems I get frequent outages of the RSS feed for Modest Medusa.  For example, the last update my reader has for MM is Jan 2 even though there have been 5 more pages since then.
I use Google Reader and it works fine for the 40 something other comics I read, but MM is the only one I subscribed to from the Duck.  
I have made sure the RSS feed link is correct.  In the past, it would come back after a couple weeks.  Not sure where the issue lies.
ozoneocean at 12:53AM, Feb. 13, 2013
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I'm not sure either. This sounds like one of those crappy programming errors that noether of the anmins (myself ad Skoolmunkee) have access to to fix and so will just go on sparking away in the dark… So on the list f things to fix if the sight starts getting funding again. L(

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