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Runnin' With a Gun
easydoesit at 4:12PM, Jan. 28, 2013
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Hi there, I'm Michael Grills. I started my career as an artist at Bioware Corp. making AAA video games for the masses. Since then I have spent over 7 years professionally illustrating books, magazines, commercials, and lots of other cool stuff. This comic book is my way of getting back to my creative roots. I hope you enjoy.
Runnin’ With a Gun is a modern crime noir story. It is currently presented as an online comic book. A new page is added every Monday. You can subscribe via RSS or sign up to get updates in your email.
Kara is a highly skilled assassin who has never missed a shot. But for this latest target something happened; she hesitated, she missed, and she didn't finish the job.
Now everybody around her is suffering for her mistake and it's up to her to make things right.
Given a second chance will Kara finish the job? Or has she finally found an innocent life, a life that isn't worth destroying.
Join Kara the assassin, Nelson her savior, and Thompson her teacher in a crime story told as comic noir.

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