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So, I'd really like to add a subpage...
MasterRambler at 8:20AM, Feb. 10, 2013
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I started my comics a little over 3 weeks ago, and I would really like to add a couple of subpages (about, cast, etc), but every time I go to the “edit comic” page and click “subpages” NOTHING comes up.  No broken link, no error message, no nothing.  I've be trying for weeks and it never works…  Has anyone else had an issue with this?  Is there anyway to fix it?
My readers hae also occassionally had trouble with links to the comic… Sometimes they work, other times they don't.  It gives them a “Bad Gateway” error message, but then a short time later the exact same link will work just fine. 
These little hiccups and bugs are really starting to get old.  My comic is still in its infancy and I'm about ready to try a new site…
ozoneocean at 12:50AM, Feb. 13, 2013
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If links don't work, try making sure there's a forward slash after them.
Normally when you click “SUbpages” there should be a link button to “add suboages”. If nothing comes up that could be somethin to do with Java or javascript. Try using Google Chrome, that seems to be the most compatable browser, though I've never had any trouble with firefox myself.
I can't see what the issue is with your search problem. There are only so many things I can test. You comic looks great and loads fine, but I can only get to it from your profile. Wierd.
That's not a really bad thig though thince few people will ever go to your comic through the search function.
I will wait and see how that goes, mamybe when there are even more pages it will get indexed? I don't know yet.

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