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Self Publisher! Magazine SPACE giveaway
AIPman1 at 6:49AM, Feb. 27, 2013
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My name is Ian Shires, and I publish Self Publisher! Magazine. We are currently working on a Kickstarter project for the magazine, to do a print copy giveaway at the SPACE show in Columbus, Ohio in April. We feel that putting copies into the hands of readers, will do a lot more than putting a flier into their hands and hoping they download it. 
In the past few years, we’ve seen magazines that cover small press and indy publications – up to and including Wizard and Comic Buyer’s Guide, stop putting out issues. The economics of newsstand distribution is obvious, however, we feel that there is still a solid need for magazines that cover indies and do interviews and reviews. A website alone is not enough, I know – I tried SP! As a website-only for a year, and we did not get real attention until we started doing PDF issues.
We would like to ask you to look over our project, where you can download right now for free our latest issue (#62), and see more what we are trying to accomplish. I thank you for your time and any attention you give to us.
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